How do I book?

You may book by contacting me at 713.725.7569 via text or via email at


How do I learn about your pricing?

Upon contacting me with inquiries regarding your needs, I can email you a package list for that specific event, session, or business need 


How do I get necessary documents?

A contract, questionnaire, and details about your shoot will be emailed to you as soon as you book  I will also be sending a reminder email to you the week before your booked appointment. 


What do I wear?

Depending upon the event or function, you can wear a variety of clothing from casual to formal.

For specific guidelines for portrait sessions, I have a few articles on my blog covering attire:

Senior Portraits (female)

Senior Portraits (male)

Family Portraits


How and when do I see finished images?

I will contact you with image viewing information upon completion of the session. Portrait sessions become available to view within seven business days while events or business shoots have a timeline that largely varies depending upon the event. Typically these are available to view via Google Photos and the edited images will be sent to you via email or CD (upon request).

Can I share these sweet pictures on social media?

Yes, you may provided you mention my business name and, if possible, tag me in any shot you share. This is to protect intellectual property rights, is outlined in your contract, and any violation of this clause will be taken seriously (as in I could sue your sweet self!).


How do I pay?

You can pay cash, check written out to Nicole Sergent, or via PayPal  


Can other vendors use my images I use in publications?

This varies on a case to case basis, typically if I work with a publication it depends upon their image sharing policies. For specific inquiries, be sure to contact me.

Nicole Sergent