I'm a photographer focusing on capturing and creating beautiful moments. My favorite part of being a photographer is helping people see the unexpected beauty in every subject. I specialize in portrait work, but am also seeking work in fashion, corporate, music, and other forms of photography. Please feel free to contact me with inquiries about booking through the tab above or feel free to email me at:

Currently, I'm a recent graduate of the International Trade and Finance program at LSU. I am also a working for the Louisiana Workforce Commission. Some wonderful teens with St. Alban's Episcopal Church also know me as head of the Youth Group program. In addition I am Head of Operations at Proper Southern Weddings New Orleans, freelance blog and occasionally design Wix pages for small businesses like my own. I'm a busy bee, but love to make time to work with clients new and old. My hobbies include linguistics, napping, writing my novel, music, exercise, being outside, photography, traveling, and spending time with people I love. I've been passionate about photography since my parents first purchased a digital camera for me when I was in grade school. I am so grateful my clients choose to work with me and watch my dream grow! Follow me on my journey as I catch flickers of visual joy in my work.